When picking-up a vehicle, driver must have a mandatory valid credit card (AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB) on his own name. On the same card each rental is authorized for the deposit (depending on the length of the rent, the type of insurance purchased, and the category of the rented vehicle). The deposit serves as a guarantee for lease payments as well as possible additional costs that may arise in the lease, possible delays, lack of fuel, damage to the vehicle not covered by insurance, traffic violations, punishment, etc.

The authorization amount automatically returns when the vehicle is returned. Time for deposit to get back on your account may take up to 15 to 40 days, depending on the bank that issued the credit card and its protocol.


  • „Lessor“ – the MAXIMUM RENT A CAR d. o. o., With head office at Potplje bb, 88260 Čitluk, Bosnia and Herzegovina, registered office number: 4227631720004
  • „Lessee“ – a natural or legal person who or on whose behalf a vehicle is leased. In the Rental Lease Agreement is listed as a “Lessee” and is responsible for compliance with all of these General Terms and Conditions of Lease & Lease Agreement.
  • Contract“ – a single lease agreement that is signed upon the takeover of a vehicle to which the vehicle is approved, defines the pickup and return of the vehicle, cover, equipment and services included in the rental price and the method of payment of the lease. The Contract also contains information on the condition of the mileage, the amount of fuel, damage and any deficiencies on the leased vehicle, and other rights and obligations that both contracting parties fully accept.
  • The condition of the vehicle at issue and the General Rental Conditions are considered as part of the Rental Agreement..
  • „Driver / Extra Driver“ – a natural person listed in the Lease Agreement as a „User“ signing a Lease Agreementand taking over a vehicle, responsible for compliance with all provisions of the Lease Agreement.
  • „User“ – The Lessee, the driver and the additional driver referred to below in the General Terms and Conditions shall be indicated in one word – User.
  • „Vehicle“ is a rental object of the Contract, the data of which is specified in the Agreement.

By signing this Agreement, the Lessee confirms that he has taken the vehicle in the correct and undamaged state with full fuel tank, unless otherwise expressly stated in the Contract. The charterer certifies that he has received a documentation for the vehicle, vehicle keys, all necessary equipment and accessories of the vehicle as well as the accessories listed in the contract with the vehicle.

Lessee shall, by signing the Contract, warrant to the Lessor that he meets the minimum conditions for driving motor vehicles and that he possesses the necessary documents, in accordance with the relevant regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which shall be given in original to the lessee while retained by the Lessor, Attachment to Contract.

The Lessor agrees:

  • that the vehicle will be returned to the place of takeover at the latest within the time limit set out in this Agreement;
  • that the vehicle will be returned even before the agreed deadline and upon request of the Lessor;
  • to return the vehicle properly and indelibly, with all the documentation, keys, tires, tools, required, standard and optional equipment, full fuel tank, as he took it;
  • money obligations under this Agreement, if they are not paid in the form of an advance or a deposit, the Lessee shall pay immediately upon the takeover of the vehicle;
  • to pay for any repairs, breakdowns or losses that have been discovered after the vehicle has been returned, and the Lessee has not notified the Lessor in accordance with the procedure for returning the vehicle;
  • acknowledges that the Principal is authorized to charge his credit card for any costs the Lessee has under this Agreement;
  • that the extension of the lease term as well as other changes to the lease shall be promptly requested by the Lessor;
  • in the event that the Lessee exceeds the agreed time of returning the vehicle without the consent of the Lessor, the lessor shall have the right to be considered as stolen and inform the police thereof. In this case the Lessee shall bear all incurred damages;
  • in case of exceeding the time of returning the vehicle, it accepts all obligations and responsibilities of this Agreement, which are otherwise agreed upon during the lease.

All MAXIMUM RENT A CAR d. o. o.  employees have the right to control any vehicle at any time. If it is found that the Lessee has violated any of the terms of this Agreement, employees are authorized to exempt a vehicle.
Lessor shall without delay retain the right to cancel the Lease Agreement at any time and at any time prior to the expiration of the Lease Agreement, without any obligation to compensate the Lessee.


Obligations of the Lessor:

  • that the leased vehicle will be taken over and used in accordance with the Law on Traffic Safety in BiH Roads or any other law regulating road traffic in the territory of other countries and other applicable regulations;
  • that he will immediately stop driving if a kilometer mileage breaks on the vehicle, and without delay inform the Lessor;
  • that the vehicle will only be used for its own needs;
  • that the vehicle will only be operated by the Lessee or by a Person who is, in addition to the Lessee in the Contract referred to as a Driver or a Contract listed as an Extra Driver, provided that such persons have the necessary permits and vehicle management documents;
  • that the vehicle will not be driven outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina unless it is contractually accentuated and that it will not drive the vehicle to countries where entry is not permitted;
  • that the vehicle will not be used for unauthorized purposes, for example for the commission of criminal offenses, customs, foreign exchange or other offenses or other unauthorized acts;
  • that the vehicle will not be overloaded with cargo or passengers;
  • that the vehicle will not be controlled by the Lessee who’s under the influence of alcohol or narcotics;
  • to take care of the vehicle’s technical validity and the mandatory periodic service of the vehicle;
  • to regularly control and, if necessary, to refill the coolant, oil and tire pressure;
  • that the vehicle, when not in use, will be obliged to lock and take the keys and documentation of the vehicle with activation and other safety devices if they are the same on the vehicle;
  • that the vehicle will not be used for the paid transport of goods, cargo or passengers; for towing or transport of other vehicles or trailers; for the transport of materials, objects or things that can damage or contaminate the vehicle, eg animals, light flammable materials, excessive dirty things or unpleasant smells; for racing, motor-sports or other similar competitions; and for driver training.
  • that the vehicle will be used as a good host / businessman in accordance with the provisions of the FBiH ZOO.

Fuel costs spent on rent are borne by the Lessee.

Costs that you are required to pay to the Lessor regardless of whether you are the Principal as the Owner of the Vehicle, the Lessee or the Vehicle Driver (unless these costs are attributable solely to the Lessor’s fault) and have resulted in:

  • relating to vehicle transport;
  • garage, parking, toll, mostarina and the like;
  • all punishments for breach of traffic or other regulations;
  • judicial, misdemeanor or other proceedings;
  • interest on these debts;
  • incurred or caused during the life of the vehicle, regardless of when it has been established or due

The Lessor reimburses the Lessee for the necessary costs for the oil, lubricant, periodic servicing and other light repairs, which have arisen during the lease period. The Lessee is obliged to surrender a valid account issued by the legal person who performed the service. In the event that it is established that the Lessee has made unnecessary replacement or service of a vehicle, part or appliance on the vehicle, the Lessor reserves the right to subcontract to such a cost the Lessee. The car wash costs do not compensate.

In the event of a deficiency or damage to a vehicle, equipment or accessories, whatever their origin, the Lessee shall pay to the Lessor their full countervailing equivalent at market rates for the same new parts and valid on the date of the contractual return of the vehicle.

If, in the case of Lessee negligence, the car driver damage motor or a propulsion mechanism (for example due to lack of oil or cooling agent), in the case of damage to the crankshaft, coupling, lower vehicle or other malfunctions caused by negligence of the Lessee or Driver (eg inadequate driving or ), the Lessee reimburses to the Principal the entire amount of vehicle repair costs and the additional amount of lost daily rental of the vehicle at the valid price list for the duration of the vehicle repair, but not more than 30 days, and all incurred damages such as vehicle towage or impairment vehicles. If for any reason special cleaning of the vehicle is required, Lessor will cover the cost of any necessary cleaning. Lessor reserves the right to charge the fuel filling service.

All vehicles are secured against liability for damage caused to a third party.

The franchise depends on the vehicle group and is determined by the Renter tariff and is listed in theContract.

CDW – Daily Cash Insurance – The Lessee reduces its liability for damage to the amount of the franchise that depends on the vehicle group and if the amount of the damage is less than the franchise, the latter is charged less.

TP – theft protection – the user limits his liability for this type of damage to the amount of the franchise.

CDW + is a cover for the purchase of a part of the liability for damage to the car body, at a reduced amount.

SCDW – is a cover that completely buys the financial responsibility of participating in damage on the vehicle bodywork.

 The insurance in any case does not cover:

  1. damage to tires, rims and rims;
  2. damage to the underside of the vehicle, interior of the vehicle, windscreen and other vehicle glasses;
  3. burnt vehicle clutch;
  4. engine damage caused by oil shortages, leakage of the fuel type or improper use;
  5. damage caused by loss of documents, vehicle keys or registration plates;
  6. the damage caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics;
  7. the damage caused by an unauthorized driver;
  8. damage done abroad and the crossing of the border was not approved by the Lessor;
  9. any damage to the vehicle that has not been reported to the competent police station / the lessor;

In case of any of the above-mentioned adverse events, the Lessee shall be liable for the full amount of damage.

The lessor shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to the property of the Lessee.

In the case of traffic accident, damage, accidents, theft, vehicle malfunctions and other similar circumstances the Lessee shall:

  • keep the vehicle until its takeover by the lessor;
  • record names and addresses of participants and witnesses;
  • call the competent police administration and ensure their record, except in the case of malfunctioning;
  • without delay, issue an event statement at the nearest branch of the Lessor.

 In the case that the Lessee fails to provide a police record, all costs of compensation for damages in connection with the damage or disappearance of the vehicle falls to the Lessee of the full amount, regardless of the Lessee’s guilt for such an event. The Lessee acknowledges that in the event of negligence on the vehicle, documents or keys of the vehicle as well as other cases provided by the insurance policy or by law, the regressive requirement of the vehicle insurer may apply.

The insurance does not cover damages that have been deliberately caused by alcohol or drugs without the prescribed driving licenses or in the event that the driver’s license is terminated, in the event that there is more than one person in the vehicle of the registered seat, damages caused by war or revolt such as and in other circumstances provided by the rules of the insurance company or by law.

The insurance does not cover the risks of destruction or damage to automotive tires, rims or bonnet covers or damage to the lower vehicle compartment.

The Lessee will pay the Lessor the full amount of repair of the damaged vehicle and other losses done by the Lessee for damage to the vehicle including the loss of the daily rent due to the unused vehicle during the repair period according to the valid price list but up to 30 days,
The Lessee shall pay the Lessor the full amount of the vehicle and the purchase value of the new Vehicle according to the Lessor Supplier as well as any other losses that the Lessor has due to the lack of a vehicle including the loss of the daily rent due to the non-use of the vehicle in accordance with the valid price list but not more than 30 days.

In the case of damages to third parties, the Lessee shall bear all costs that the Lessor may have on that amount.

The Lessor shall not be liable for damages that the Lessee may incur due to delays in the delivery of the vehicle as well as for any damage that may arise due to any fault on the vehicle during the lease.
The Lessor shall not be liable for damage on persons or goods carried in the vehicle.

The lessee may not transfer the rights or obligations under this Agreement to any third party, nor shall it stole the vehicle, parts or equipment of the vehicle or make any modification to the vehicle.

All rights and obligations that are not governed by these terms will be governed by the provisions of the Mandatory Relationship Act under the Lessor’s headquarters.

In the event of a dispute under this Agreement, the parties shall contract the local jurisdiction of the truly competent court in Široki Brijeg.